Victoria Sponge Cake

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    Another goodie to make

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    wikiHow to Make a Victoria Sponge Cake
    This is a classic English tea-time treat. Traditionally filled with jam (US: jelly) and whipped cream, it was a favorite of Queen Victoria - hence the name. It is quick and easy and requires no special expertise, so have a go!



    • 4 medium eggs
    • 160g butter or margarine
    • 150g sugar
    • 150g self-raising flour
    • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence


    • Jam or chocolate, for some, jam works best.
    • Strawberries
    • Icing sugar to sprinkle on top of finished cake
    • Whipping cream

    Buttercream Icing

    • 75g butter
    • 150g Icing sugar
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence


    1. [​IMG]to Make a Victoria Sponge Cake
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    2. Sometimes a thin layer of the top of my cake peels away from the cake. Why is this?

      wikiHow Contributor
      This could be due to over-greasing the pan, which causes some of the cake to pull to the edges and away from the cake. Or, if the ingredients have not been sufficiently combined, the sugar can remain undissolved and change the density of the cake. One other possibility is that the placement of the cake in the oven too high or the oven temperature is too high.
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    3. How do I separate the egg yolks from the whites?

      Meagan Jewett
      You can crack the eggs into a bowl and then take an empty water bottle and suck the yolks up by squeezing and unsqueezing the bottle. Or you can crack the egg over a bowl and tip the yolk back and forth between the two halves of the shell until all the white has fallen into the bowl.
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      • Why does it need to rise?
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      • If it all goes horribly wrong and your cake does not rise, don't throw it away - cut the cake into pieces, add sherry and make a trifle!
      • Never leave a cake sitting around its tins once it is cooked - it will go soggy.
      • To make a chocolate version, simply replace some of the flour with cocoa powder.
      • Before making this cake, you should really wash your hands.
      • Experiment with fillings - butter, icing sugar and lemon juice works well.
      • For the best results, make the cake quickly and put it straight into the oven.
      • Make a lemon or orange version by grating lemon or orange peel in.
      • Make a coffee version by adding a paste of instant coffee to the mix before you add the flour.
      • Eggs vary in size and weight, so if you want to express this another way, you need the weight of the eggs to be the same as each of the other ingredients. You can make a 2 egg or a 4 egg cake - just adjust the weight.
      • If you're a child, make sure you have an adult to help you put the cake in the oven.

      Things You'll Need
      • Large mixing bowl
      • Sieve
      • 2 round sponge tins
      • Greaseproof paper
      • Wooden spoon
      • Cooling rack
      • Spatula or palette knife
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    Can you help me to put it in the oven please DS?
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    @GordiTheDrummer, If you want to "put one in the oven" I think that is something you should do yourself but thanks for the offer :blush:
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    I love a good sponge cake and usually fill mine with strawberry jam or apricot jam, my husband's and my favorites.
    Thanks for the recipe. ;)

    I also like to top them off with a thick layer of whipped cream, or a side of vanilla ice-cream to go with them. Yum!!!