I never use "third party" sign in

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    A lot of people use Facebook ect to sign into different places. Indeed some sites no longer let you register using an E mail, they say that its easier to use third party accounts. I noticed that ATS no longer let you sign up using an Email which means I would never sign up. Below is an exsample of what info you are giving when you use a third party sign up.
    To trust a web page with all this info even if they say they will never use it is like giving a stranger your bank card and pin number and trusting them never to empty your account. Below is an exsample of one web sites private policy.

    Information We Collect About You From Third Parties: If you would like to register for The XX Social Reader service, offered by THE XXX, you may log-in via Facebook Connect, using your existing Facebook account and log-in credentials. You also may log in to post comments or share articles via your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Disqus, or other third-party account (collectively, “third party accounts”). In the future, we may permit additional login methods. When you log-in using via your third party account, you must grant us permission to access certain information from these third-party accounts, which will vary based on the third party account. For example, if you log on through Facebook, we will request your basic information (name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information that you make public). We also may obtain your email address, birthdate, location, and news activity. Before you log in through the particular site, you will be presented with the list of permissions, and you may cancel your log on if you do not want to proceed. For information about how the third party site may disclose your information, including any information that you make public, please consult its privacy policy. We have no control over how a third party site uses or discloses the personally identifiable information that you provide to it. We store the information that we collect from the third party site along with the other information that we collect from you or receive about you.
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    So true. Our forum also has it as an option but I don’t use it. It’s for people who don’t care about their privacy or just don’t know how much info they are giving away imo.
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