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    My new LED torch came on Friday, this small (about 15cm long) with the ability to focus the beam, also very powerful 900 lumen.
    So I was free Saturday night and decided to go for a night walk along a forest path I knew, it was a dark cloud covered night and the new light worked very well.
    As I shone it across a field to the edge of a forest ( about 80m away) I played with the focus and was very impressed with it, all of a sudden there was a reflection of two eyes shining from the forest, so I shone the lamp at them and they blinked then disappeared. The eyes were too far from the ground to be any of the K-9 family, and the way the eyes shone back told me it was from an animal that hunts ( eyes set to see forward) so it was not a deer or mouse.
    So beaning the very brave person I am I remembered where the eyes has been and walked on.
    The next day I went back to the forest and looked around for tracks but only found the normal deer and fox with some other small animal tracks So I came to the conclusion it had been a large owl.
    I am use to moving in the dark, but never feel at ease when I am, the site of the eyes did not frighten me but it did make me feel a little uneasy, and there was something strange about the way it blinked, perhaps I have watched too much X-Files, but its funny how the humans do not like the dark and how our imagination starts to run wild.
    Just wondering has anyone else experienced things in a dark forest , and if so why did you feel fear or something else.
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